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A world wild

intense feelings

Snow and Sun, a world of contrasts

Between Mañio and Hualles, Hazel and Pitrán

Unforgettable moments



We welcome you to the website to Los wenis Cabins (the Mapuche language Mapudungun wenis is, children in Spanish). We hope to express in these pages the intensity of the feelings that can make them feel our place. Here you'll find ancient forests that inspired Neruda, Mistral and Violeta also find the snow and one of the most prestigious ski resorts in the world, Las Termas de Chillán.

Cabins The wenis is located in Valle Las Trancas, Los Lleuques sector, on the road to Termas de Chillan in Chile. (in KM 50, to 30 Km before Termas de Chillán), it's wild with native trees such as mañio, hualles, pitranes hazel and make it an unforgettable place.

If you are looking for a vacation spot, rest or relaxation, where you can enjoy winter sports such as skiing, either hotel, residential accommodation or board, cabins for rent, be sure to consider Cabañas Los Wenis as its alternative.




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