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Valley Las Trancas

This Andean village located 70 km. Chillán and 10 km. Nevados de Chillán, owns surprising landscapes and infrastructure, even for the most demanding visitors, ideal for lovers of nature tourism because here combines fresh air, rivers, trails, towering mountains, wildlife, native vegetation, sun and snow, which together offer dreamy landscapes.

This town is considered a privileged mountain village located at the foot of the Andes, which allows to observe lush native vegetation, forests of oaks, Lenga, Coigües and Hualles, furrowed by Renegado (Rogue) River, waterfalls, cliffs , cliffs and lots of snow in winter, complement their attractive and as backdrop, stands the imposing Chillán volcano of 2,847 meters tall.

In Valley Las Trancas, visitors can enjoy this beautiful place throughout the year, and is 10 minutes from Nevados de Chillan, Valle Hermoso and Water Park, downtown spa and ski resort, largest in the country and South America.

Road to Valle Las Trancas, you will be able to know the towns of Pinto, El Rosal, Gated and Los Lleuques, and is the main access for natural attractions Pincheiras Cave, Leaping Renegade Diguillín River Grotto The Dims Pangues and National Reserve, among others.

Valle Las Trancas, is an established tourist destination without seasonality as it enjoys all year round, in summer, visitors can hike, hiking, horseback riding, flora and fauna.

In autumn the valley is filled with color, the landscape is a dream and you can perform the same activities as in summer.

In winter is high season in the industry for the resource center Skí snow Nevados de Chillán (Chillán Termas Ex), which is recognized worldwide for the quality of its powder snow fields, the most valued by lovers of snow sports. In this season Valle Las Trancas is visited by national and international tourists are primarily skiers and family groups who enjoy a warm with various activities around the snow.

In spring, you can see the outbreak of the native forest, flowers and añañucas, astromerias, wild orchids and wildlife like woodpeckers, burrowing parrot and condors. The activities are mainly outdoors, ideal for families and Older.

We invite you to Valle Las Trancas ... you will find the best environment to release their senses for its beautiful greenery, enjoy the hospitality of its people, warm atmosphere of the hotel and catering facilities, combined with services like ski rental, mini and transfer. The particular beauty of architectural constructions, complement the set of attractions that Valle Las Trancas offers.

Valle Las Trancas is waiting for you!

Cabins The wenis is located in Valle Las Trancas, Los Lleuques sector, on the road to Termas de Chillan in Chile. (35 Km before Termas), it's wild with native trees such as mañio, hualles, pitranes hazel and make it an unforgettable place.

If you are looking for a vacation spot, rest or relaxation, where you can enjoy winter sports such as skiing, either hotel, residential accommodation or board, cabins for rent, be sure to consider Cabañas Los Wenis as its alternative.